05 Obsession


How to work through architecture and graphic design, the topic of obsessional systems of collections and other serial works? Comparing the practice of architecture to that of publishing, we notice an obvious similarity in the research process. Everyone get the tools to visually communicate a set of ideas. For example, the drawing becomes a fundamental act to express and to concretize a concept.
The 5th publication of the review Pli stands as a special issue. The intrinsic links between architecture and publishing are further questioned, while including other fields of action. Today, Pli wants to sketch an inventory, identify and question the transcription of these questions in various creative processes. How are the domains of architecture and publishing able to focus and investing this notion of obsession both through structural / sculptural / architectural experiments and other visual, narrative or written devices? What could be the obsessions of the architect of tomorrow?


Détails de la revue


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  • Pli 05
  • Publication November 2019
  • Language french, english
  • Size 160 × 240 × 30 mm
  • Pages 352 p.
  • Supplement 8 additional objects
  • ISNN 2430 6401
  • Print Run 2000 ex.
  • Papers Arcoprint Milk White 85g, Symbol Freelife Gloss 115g, Arcoprint Milk White 300g
  • Printing Graphius (offset, silkscreen printing)
  • Distribution Les Presses du Réel

Description de la revue

Having questioned matter/material in last year’s issue, this year Pli is taking on the topic of obsession. A special year, as we celebrate our fifth opus. Five years during which over two hundred architects, designers and artists have contributed to the game of publishing; around central questions of architecture and publishing, but also design, forming a collective documentation of a year of research. On this occasion, the authors and guests have dared introspection, some going as far as questioning their very own means of expression. Psychic or physical, tangible or invisible, scientific or imaginative, singular, transversal and sometimes methodological, obsession is omnipresent in their creative processes. In their contribution to this common project each has articulated their values and their point of view and disclosed something deeply personal. Far from being fixed, obsession is much more than a restricting, absurd and hard to eradicate symptom. It leads us to question the harmful character of our neuroses (images, ideas, feelings). The term obsession could be defined as a manipulation of language, forms and concepts, but also as a manipulation of the final perception of the whole.

16 articles

  • Dear Obsession

    Marlène Huissoud
  • Model ad vitam aeternam

    DREIER FRENZEL architecture + communication
  • Obsessional traits and volumes (in cinema)

    Mathieu Glissant
  • A candlelit dinner

    Guillaume Aubry, Thomas Havet
  • The obsession with division

    Didier Fiúza Faustino
  • Bizarre Columms Columms are back In town

    Carmelo Rodríguez
  • Verdures

    Bertrand Rougier, François Sabourin
  • Los Angeles, architectural and image bulimia

    Thibault Chalamet
  • Venereal obsession

  • OCD : obsessive–collaborative disorder

    ExposerPublier, Yann Owens
  • The buzz of monsters

    Martinez Barat Lafore Architectes
  • Profession

    Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini
  • Insularity as process: from theory to territorial strategy

    Alice Seban, Mathilde Van Steenkiste
  • My atomistic intuitions

    Nicolas Dorval–Bory
  • Architect of Couture Couturier of Architecture

    Christian Lacroix
  • A brief and non–exhaustive genealogy of the white background

    Pablo Bras


  • Publication director

    • Christopher Dessus
    • with Laurie Da Costa Goncalves
  • Graphic design

    • Jean-Baptiste Parré
  • Team

    • Adrien Rapin
    • Audrey Guimard
    • Eva Moari
    • Julien Baiamonte
  • Translation

    • Traduction vers l’anglais britannique par Ruth Oldham, sauf les textes de Marlène Huissoud, Bertrand Rougier et François Sabourin, traduits par les auteurs respectifs.
    • Traduction vers le français par Valentin Zuffardi du texte de Carmelo Rodríguez.
  • Authors

    • Yves Dreier, Eik Frenzel, Oscar Gential
    • Mathieu Glissant
    • Guillaume Aubry & Thomas Havet
    • Carmelo Rodrìguez
    • Bertrand Rougier & François Sabourin
    • Thibault Chalamet
    • Lacô
    • Yann Owens & ExposerPublier
      – Alice Seban & Mathilde Van Steenkiste
    • Pablo Bras
  • Guests

    • Marlène Huissoud
    • Didier Fiúza Faustino
    • Benjamin Lafore & Sébastien Martinez Barat
    • Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini
    • Nicolas Dorval–Bory
    • Christian Lacroix & Pierre P. Marchal
  • Illustrators

    • Benoît Bodhuin
    • Ronan Bouroullec
    • Pierre Charpin
    • Julien Colombier
    • Zoé Defossez
    • Nathalie Du Pasquier
    • Martinet & Texereau
    • Victor Marqué
  • Photographic collaborations

    • Véronique Huyghe & Lucas Lorigeon
    • Julien Hourcade & Bruther Architectes
    • Delfino Sisto Legnani & Atelier Biagetti
    • Theophile’s Papers
    • Charles Negre & Rémy Briere

Pli Public Workshop 01


Exhibition at November, 29 to January, 2020

Coproduction by Paf atelier and Pavillon de l'Arsenal Learn more


For the first time, Pli creates the Pli Public Workshop: a contest for the new generation of architects and designers. This creative assistance program is intended for the research and production of projects. This assistance takes the form of support by professionals from the architecture, art and design sector as well as a group exhibition.

Applicants for the PPW – designers, artists, architects, or described in the application – proposed a project specific to the context of this workshop, which is unpublished and related to the theme of the fifth issue of the Pli magazine: Obsession. These projects refered to the field of architecture and can take various forms: micro-architecture, object, installation, video, sound installation, performance, etc.

The jury, composed out of experts from the fields of architecture, art, design and graphic design, selected a dozen of projects. The selected projects are being produced and will be exhibited collectively at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Autumn 2019.

Committee of Experts

  • Juliette Armanet

  • Mathieu Bassée

    Designer, Studio MTX
  • matali crasset

  • Christopher Dessus

    Director of Pli / Scenographer, Paf atelier
  • Didier Fiúza Faustino

    Artist and architect, Mesarchitecture
  • Alexandre Labasse

    Director, Pavillon de l’Arsenal
  • Benjamin Lafore & Sébastien Martinez Barat

    Architects, Martinez-Barat Lafore Architects
  • Éva Maloisel

    Architect, Peaks
  • Fanette Mellier

    Graphic designer
  • Isabelle Moisy Cobti

    Co-founder Bildung


  • Halah Al Juhaishi

  • Pauline Bailay & Hugo Poirier

  • Antoine Behaghel & Alexis Foiny

  • Giaime Meloni & Parasite 2.0

    Paris, Milan, Bruxelles
  • Laure Berthet, Axel Mert, & Julienne Richard (studio satël)

  • Rebecca Chipkin & Jack Swanson

  • Lionel Dinis-Salazar & Jonathan Omar (Döppel Studio)

  • Maud Lévy & Antoine Vercoutère (MLAV.LAND)

  • Alexandre Nesi, Sanae Nicolas (Maison N) & Cécile Gray

    Paris, Kyoto
  • Bertrand Rougier & François Sabourin

  • Erwin Souveton



  • Scenography

    Adrien Rovero et Atelier PAF
  • Creation / production

    Marion Betous, Christopher Dessus
  • Production

    Eva Moari, Julien Baiamonte
  • Graphic design

    Studio Fables
  • Videos

    Pierre P. Marchal, Sébastien Macher



More than partners, they are collaborators who engage themselves with Pli to support new generation of architects and designers through the first edition of PPW. Schools, institutions, architecture agency, companies, artisans and association gathered around a common motivation: discover and support practices of tomorrow.

Pli, Paf atelier et le Pavillon de l’Arsenal

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BFV Architectes
École de Condé
École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Clermont–Ferrand
École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles
Tactile Studio
Réseau des Maisons de l’Architecture

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