03 Conflict


If the word “conflict”, in first place, only evocates war or geopolitics, it seems important to us to avoid this pitfall and to push the word more towards compromises and differences of opinions. The conflict may be politically, military or social, but doesn’t it carry other potentials? The idea is not to simply narrate the conflict but to see how it can evolve, a creative, productive source, and a synonym of progress. How can conflict arise a form of energy, that sometimes, or often, is unexpected?
The conflict is a call for commitment, and by extension a call for desertion as well. To build or destroy, understand its contemporaneity and all its paradigm: it is the path of the concession and the compromise. Debate, discussion, impulsion, dynamic, resonance, echo: all the notions remind the conflict, but what about architecture and edition when they are confronted with it? In which space, whether it be virtual, imaginary, fantasized, over paper or in the city, do we express ourselves or do we debate?


  • bonjour garçon studio

Détails de la revue

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  • Pli 03
  • Publication September 2017
  • Language french, english
  • Size 160 × 240 × 22 mm
  • Pages 288 p.
  • Supplement 1 booklet 32 p.
  • ISNN 2430 6401
  • Print Run 1200 copies
  • Papers Arcoprint Milk White 85g, Sirio Color Foglia 290g, Sirio Color Foglia 115g
  • Printing Escourbiac (offset), PAPER! TIGER! (risograph printing), Print Van Paris (silkscreen printing)
  • Distribution Pli Éditions

Description de la revue

The journal’s team and its 32 contributors (16 authors and 16 graphic designers and illustrators) went from thought to practice. Starting from their respective fields, the crash of disciplines transformed into an insightful and creative dialogue. The “text/image” pairs revolved around five themes dealing with traces and memories, the evolution of forms, languages and learning, emancipation and the mutation of trades. Points of view, discord and agreement intertwine to deliver a humane and positive definition of conflict applied to the fields of architecture and graphic design; and maybe transposable to many more.

19 articles

  • Confluence of memory and future

    Ariane Arève Dreyfus
  • For every Light, a Shadow

    Kiel Bonhomme
  • Ephemeral vs. Perennial

    Charlotte Allard
  • Jerusalem, tools to resist, tools to dream

    Clarisse Genton
  • Interview

    André Tavares
  • Modernism crises: building the Form of Time

    Sébastien Hayez
  • Night stories Conflict at midnight

    Léonore Conte
  • Interview

    Learning From Europa
  • Withdrawal

    Carlo Menon
  • The methods of teaching a general language and the architectural one’s

    Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Architects of the sign

    Carla Frick-Cloupet
  • Who does architecture belong to?

    Clément Rabourdin, Archimakers
  • Interview

    Aurélien Farina, Jérémie Bardet
  • Dynamic futures / Dynamite Futures: Utopias in conflict at the dawn and dusk of the world

    Eliza Culea
  • Left playlet for a right angle

    Marie Tesson, Adam W. Pugliese
  • Movement and renewal: for a de–dramatization of conflict

    Constance de Revel, Clémence Prévost
  • Tender divides

    Mai Anne Bénédic
  • See you on street view! Conflictualités entre réel et virtuel

    Foxtrot Collective
  • Being Late


18 illustrations

Illustartion de Adèle Jolivard
Adèle Jolivard
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Amélie Lehoux
Amélie Lehoux
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Antoine Beauvois
Antoine Beauvois
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Yann Bastard
Yann Bastard
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Atelier Bipoint
Atelier Bipoint
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Aurélien Farina
Aurélien Farina
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de GOMARHT
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de L'ENCREUR
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Thomas Louzoum
Thomas Louzoum
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Magali Brueder
Magali Brueder
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Marie Guillard
Marie Guillard
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Nathalie Dupasquier
Nathalie Dupasquier
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de L'Œil du pigeon
L'Œil du pigeon
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Paul Loubet
Paul Loubet
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Séverine Dietrich
Séverine Dietrich
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Studio Fables
Studio Fables
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Studio Les Canailles
Studio Les Canailles
32 × 24 cm
Illustartion de Super Terrain
Super Terrain
32 × 24 cm


  • Editorial team

    • Christopher Dessus
    • Marion Claret
    • Adrien Rapin
    • Julia Vallvé
  • Translation

    • Fiona Filipidis
  • Graphic design

    • Jean-Baptiste Parré
    • with Aurélien Farina
  • Guests

    • André Tavares
    • Learning From Europa
    • Aurélien Farina & Jérémie Bardet
  • Authors

    • Ariane Arève Dreyfus
    • Kiel Bonhomme
    • Charlotte Allard
    • Clarisse Genton
    • Sébastien Hayez
    • Léonore Conte
    • Carlo Menon
    • Sara Bouzgarrou
    • Carla Frick-Cloupet
    • Clément Rabourdin
    • ArchiMakers
    • Eliza Culea Hong
    • Marie Tesson & Adam W. Pugliese
    • Clémence Prévost & Constance de Revel
    • Mai Anne Bénédic
    • Foxtrot Collective
    • BXLMRS
  • Illustrators

    • Adèle Jolivard
    • Amélie Lehoux
    • Antine Beauvois
    • Yann Bastard
    • Atelier Bipoint
    • Aurélien Farina
    • Thomas Louzoum
    • Magali Brueder
    • Marie Guillard
    • Nathalie Dupasquier
    • L’Œil du pigeon
    • Paul Loubet
    • Séverine Dietrich
    • Studio Fables
    • Studio Les Canailles
    • Super Terrain




September 27, 2017

Le Hasard Ludique, 128 avenue de St Ouen, 75018 Paris Learn more


For its third issue, Pli will be taking over a place in its image: Le Hasard Ludique in Paris. Birds of a feather flock together? Linked by similar values and approaches, even if evolving in different fields, these two entities will come together for a night, leaving room for musical exploration in a friendly atmosphere. Since the open call for papers and illustrations, it has taken nearly a year to concoct Pli 03: a variation on the theme of conflict in its broadest sense.


  • Graphic design

    Countach Studio
  • Collaborations

    Samo Concept Store, Print Van Paris
  • Music show

    TAUR and The Georges Kaplan Conspiracy


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After three years working on the project of the review Pli, the team continues to wonder about publishing and work processes. Making an editorial object is already a research that feeds itself with different disciplines. In this sense, Pli wanted to test everyone’s work processes, authors and illustrators, by creating a form of ephemeral laboratory to question assumptions made since the beginning of Pli. We wanted to show the context of creation of the magazine through an exhibition that highlights the paper space and the correspondences between the different actors that enable this journal to exist.

Sous Pli

Sous Pli Julien Peyrou


November 16, 2017

Le 308 – Maison de l'Architecture en Nouvelle – Aquitaine, 308 avenue Thiers, 33100 Bordeaux Learn more


The exhibition Sous Pli, created in collaboration with the graphic designer Nicolas Delbourg (NDbrg), launches a process that commits contributors and illustrators to make tangible, the inaccessible back of the production of a collaborative work. Sous Pli inspects the backstage of physical production (printing: risography printing, silkscreen printing and offset printing) and conceptual (writing, exchange, debate, reflection); joint space of errors and successes, deletions and repealed sketches. It’s telling the story of the project, create a narrative in motion by the review’s pitfall and engage in a less fixed way of presenting it.
On this occasion, Bruum produced a film retracing all stages of editing the review, offset printing (by Escourbiac Printing), silk screen printing (by Escourbiac Printing also), risograohy printing (by Paper! Tiger! And Riso Presto in Paris). Many exchanges are also presented as clues to the design of the book (mails, letters, sketches), but also interventions by illustrators and authors in the space are encouraged.


  • Scenography

    Atelier PAF, Nicolas Delbourg
  • Production and set-up

    Atelier PAF
  • Graphic design

    Nicolas Delbourg, Etienne Bellé

With the participation of

  • Oualalou + Choi

    Agence d’architecture
  • Overdrive

    Agence d’ingénierie de projets

With the support of

  • BLF Impressions

  • France Rol

  • Boesner

  • Brumm, films et formes

    Vidéo et montage
  • Librairie Mollat


Sous Pli Photographies

  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou
  • Julien Peyrou

About the exhibition project

1 author + 1 illustrator : which creative process?

From material space to virtual space: the web platform


To enable Pli to exist and grow up, partners and collaborators continue to commit to this third issue, believing in this project and supporting it. Schools, French and international institutions, architecture agencies, companies, artisans and associations are once again gathering to promote and support the practices of a new generation of creative personnalities.

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles
École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Étienne
Fondation CIVA de Bruxelles
Groupe Abvent
Pavillon de l’Arsenal
villa Noailles
Antonin + Margaux, agence de communication
Brumm, films et formes
Librairie Mollat