Until now, Pli has been supported by 37 partners. They took part in the story of the association, produced content and meaning with the team. They enabled the review to exist every year, to make the researches permanent and to realize all the actions of the association. For more than 4 years, with its partners, Pli helped people to create and support more than 150 authors and illustrators through 5 reviews, 6 exhibitions and 50 printed objects. This year, Pli is reinforcing its support for the creation of work and art installations by founding the Pli Public Workshop, which will lead to a collective exhibition in the Pavillon de l’Arsenal on November 2019.

Institutional partners

Private partners

Press partners

Since 2015, Pli is committed to promoting and disseminating the new generation in architecture. Pli Éditions is an independent publishing house that can exist thanks to the collective support of its readers and patrons. If you want Pli to continue this project, you can support us!