01 Collection 01 • Samy Rio, Future–proof ? Ongoing research (2015–2020)


Détails de la revue


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  • Monographic publication by designer Samy Rio
  • Authors Samy Rio, Catherine Geel
  • Language French & English
  • Format 160 × 240 × 30 mm
  • Pages 352 p.
  • ISNN 2430 6401
  • Print run 500 copies
  • Paper Arcoprint Milk White 85g, Symbol Freelife Gloss 115g, Arcoprint Milk White 300g
  • Printing Graphius (offset, silkscreen printing)
  • Distribution Les Presses du Réel
  • The book is supported by the Center National des Arts Plastiques

Description de la revue

This book covers the work of french designer Samy Rio and attempts to give an overview of his rich and diverse process aiming towards a more sustainable design practice.

Through the use of bamboo and other materials - developed mainly with the Atelier Luma and during his many residencies - the designer has slowly built up a catalogue of objects and plastic experiments. From junctions, assemblies and systems to objects and micro-objects, his research questions the production and uses of new everyday objects.

One by one, the samples are deconstructed and analyzed in order to extract comments and solutions that - we hope - will inspire the designers of tomorrow. This publication serves as an inventory of the explorations carried out by the designer, highlighting the results of five years of research in France and abroad.


  • Publication direction

    • Christopher Dessus
    • Laurie Da Costa Goncalves
  • Graphic Design

    • Jean-Baptiste Parré
  • Team

    • Claire Malot
    • Agathe Pollet
  • Translation

    • Translation into British English by Ruth Oldham
  • Authors

    • Samy Rio
    • Catherine Geel