02 Collection 01 • MLAV.LAND, Pré-Histoires (2017–2021)


Détails de la revue

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  • Monographic publication by the architectural duo MLAV.LAND (Micro-Laboratoire pour l’Architecture et le Ville).
  • Authors Maud Lévy, Antoine Vercoutère
  • Release January 2021
  • Delivery starting late December 2020
  • Language French & English
  • Format 160 × 240 × 30 mm
  • Pages 352 p.
  • ISNN 2430 6401
  • Print run 500 copies
  • Paper Arcoprint Milk White 85g, Symbol Freelife Gloss 115g, Arcoprint Milk White 300g
  • Printing Graphius (offset, silkscreen printing)
  • Distribution Les Presses du Réel

Description de la revue

This book was first developed following an initial support provided by Pli Éditions to the architectural duo MLAV.LAND (Micro-Laboratoire pour l’Architecture et la Ville) during the Pli Public Workshop⁰¹, held from November 2019 to January 2020 at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris.

Published in a context where architecture is being questioned in its every corner, this prospective work forms a broad landscape of explorations. Composed of research, studies of reality, architectural surveys, representations of the city or projects of immersive installations, this edition constitutes a report on three years of work carried out by the duo. The two architects use this editorial project as a subject in itself, in order to crystallize and disseminate their research. MLAV.LAND considers graphic representation as an essential part of its work, which is characterized by a great generosity of drawings and unpublished images.


  • Publication direction

    • Christopher Dessus
    • Laurie Da Costa Goncalves
  • Graphic design

    • Fakepaper
  • Team

    • Claire Malot
    • Agathe Pollet
  • Translation

    • Translation into British English by Ruth Oldham
  • Authors

      (Maud Lévy & Antoine Vercoutère)